The Home Inspector Picture Gallery

Montevallo crawlspace

This rusty car jack is holding up part of the foundation of this Montevallo home.

Clanton Cralwpsace

The Home Inspector squeezes into this crawlspace in Clanton.

Sylacauga foundation inspection

The Home Inspector discovered that the retaining wall under this Sylacauga home is leaning.

Jemison Crawlspace

The Home Inspector found this disconnected HVAC duct in a Jemison crawlspace. There was so much heated air coming out of it that the crawlspace was hot.

Pelham exterior inspection

The siding on this home in Pelham, AL is badly deteriorated. Water may have entered into the wall.

Water heater safety issue

The electric connections on this water heater in Pelham are not covered. This is a shock hazard.

Attic inspection

The vent fan in the bathroom vented ito the attic of this home.

Roof inspection

Moss and debris on this roof. The gutters are also filled with debris.

Lake house roof inspection

There are multiple roofs on this lake house in Alpine, Alabama.

Fire place inspection

The Home Inspector will test the gas fire place to see if it can be lit and will stay lit.

Birmingham roof inspection

The rubber boot on this plumbing stack is deteriorated and is letting water into the house which has resulted in water damage to a wall.

Calera inspection

These shingles were installed using the racking method. The shingles appear to be raising along the edge. This will make them more susceptible to wind. A roofer should be contacted to evaluate and repair if needed.

Exterior electrical inspection

The ground wire is not connected to the ground rod.

McCalla inspection

The front steps on this home had settled. Homeowner added a course of bricks, which made this step almost 9 inches tall creating a trip hazard.

Roof inspection

This roof shows loss of granules, which will result in the degrading of the shingles.

The  Home Inspector - Birmingham Ins

Crack in garage floor shows settlement.

Crack in foundation

The foundation of this garage is cracked. This crack is severe enough that it should be examined by a structural engineer.

A/C inspection Helena

Mulch is pipled up too high against this A/C compressor. This is blocking air flow and is causing the A/C to run inefficiently.

Old Cahaba downspout

The downspout on this home in Helena's Old Cahaba community is broken and doing more harm than good.

Birmingham crawlspace inspection

The drain pipe is leaking into this Birmingham crawlspace.

Birmingham gutter

This Bimringham home has a loose gutter.

Hoover crawlspace inspection

The Home Inspector found a mushroom in this Hoover crawlspace.

Hoover Garage Inspection

The dryer vent run is more than 25 ft. This is too far to properly vent the hot, moist air from the dryer.

Hoover Roof Inspection

This roof in Hoover is near the end of it's useful life.

Alabaster attic inspection

Minimal insulation in this Alabaster attic.

Alabaster crawlspace

There is water damage in this Alabaster crawlspace.

Condensation leak

The condensation line is leaking into this Alabaster crawlspace

Evidence of termites

Termite tubes and termite damage on this floor joist.

Rotten wood in crawlspace

The rim joist on this home is so rotted that the floor joist are sitting on the cinder block foundation.

Electric Panel inspection

All the ground wires on this panel were cut where they entered into the panel.

Hoover roof and gutter inspection

This gutter is full of standing water and debris. There is also a tree in contact with the roof.

Calera bathroom inspection

The faucet in this Calera home should not turn like this.

Montevallo crawlspace inspection

The foundation of this Montevallo home is deteriorated and sagging.

Driveway in Chelsea

The crack between the house and driveway indicates movement.

Chelsea Alabama Driveway

This driveway in Chelsea has shifted away from the house.

Montevallo foundation

Cracks in this Montevallo foundation should be evaluated by a structural engineer.

Major crack - Montevallo home

This home in Montevallo has a major crack in the foundation.

Alabaster crawlspace inspection

A couple of defects are seen in this picture of an Alabaster crawlspace. The dryer vent is broken and venting in the crawlspace and there is standing water in it.

Alabaster live wire

These unprotected wires in an Alabaster, Alabama home are a safety defect. They should be capped and terminate in a closed junction box.

Tuscaloosa exterior inspection

This Tuscaloosa retaining wall is under a lot of pressure and will eventually fail if not repaired.

Alabaster heat source inspection

There was no heat coming out of the vent so I removed the vent and discovered that there is not duct work going to it.

Alabaster deck inspection

The deck on this Alabaster home does not have a rail.

Chimney capped

The chimney on this Alabaster home is capped and the fireplace cannot be used.

Low water presuure

The water pressure in this Alabaster home is very low.

Damaged shingles

Damaged shingles on this Woodstock home.

Calera Alabama window

This window on a Calera home is cracked.

Checking the hot water

The hot water in this Chelsea home is reading 128 degrees at the kitchen sink.

Door rubbing floor

The door in this Chelsea home is rubbing the floor.

Chelsea garage inspection

Pet damage on the steps of this Chelsea garage.

Garage inspection

The most common problem in detached garages is electrical splices outside of a junction box.

Electric panel inspection

This is not how you should connect ground wires in the electric panel.

Chimney inspection

A cake pan is not the proper way to cap off a chimney.

Patched roof

This roof in Adamsville has been patched.

Retaining wall

This retaining wall in Calera is dangerous. It is dry stacked concrete blocks and could easily collapse.

Hoover chimney inspection

This is an example of a cricket, a structure that sheds water around a chimney.

Hoover retaining wall

This retaining wall on a Hoover home is badly deteriorated.

Alabaster home inspection

The grading on this Alabaster home slopes towards the house resulting in water washing against the foundation.

Missing stone

Some stones on this Calera home have come loose.

Calera cracked tile

The tiles in this Calera kitchen are cracked.

Thermal seal broken

This Alabaster home had several windows with broken thermal seals.

Broken thermal seal

The thermal seal on this Alabaster home has broken allowing moisture between the glass panes.

Hoover roof inspection

Both of the flues on this Hoover chimney are capped. You really would not want to build a fire in the fireplaces.

Hoover AL home inspection

The front steps of this Hoover home are slightly tilted.

Electric Panel inspection

The neutral wires on this electric panel are scorched. There is also rust in the panel.

Mountain Brook roof inspection

The gutters on this Mountain Brook home are full of leaves and standing water.

Alabaster deck inspection

The deck on this Alabaster home is barely connected to the deck and is close to collapse.

Alabaster Alabama sidewalk

This sidewalk on this Alabaster home is a trip hazard.

Exterior wall inspection

The brick wall on this Centreville home is leaning.

Electric panel inspection Bibb Count

A wire in this Centreville AL electric panel is scroched and should be evaluated by an electrician.

Montevallo vent

The plumbing in this Montevallo home vents into the attic.

Greystone patio

This patio in Greystone is deteriorated and needs repair.

Greystone window frame inspection

The window frame of this Greystone home is rotted.

Kitchen hood vents ino attic

The kitchen hood vents in to attic of this Montevallo home.

Birmingham roof inspection

When small trees grow in your gutters, it's time to clean them out.

Bimringham chimeny inspection

This chimney is deteriorating

Roof inspection

This wind turbine on the roof is damaged and when it rains water is going into the attic.

Irondale attic

This attic does not have enough insulation.

Broken thermal seal - Calera Inspect

The thermal seal on this Calera Alabama home is broken and the window is foggy.

Pet damage - Calera Home Inspection

Pet damage on the window sill of this Calera, AL home.

Exterior pet damage

Pet damage to the door frame of this Calera, Alabama home.

Calera A/C discharge

The A/C condensation discharge should be extended away fro the house.

Calera Air Conditioning Compressor

The ground beneath this compressor is being undercut.

Chimney flashing

Loose flashing on this chimney in West Blocton

Chilton County Attic

Bats in the attic of this Lay Lake home.

Birmingham water heater

The TPR pipe is missing on this water heater.

Ceiling in Birmingham home

The ceiling in this Birmingham home is water damaged.

Alabaster electrical inspection

The bottom wire is undersized for the breaker and is a fire hazard.

Alabaster attic inspection

The bathroom in this Alabaster home vents directly into the attic.

Alabaster home inspection

The outlet in this Alabaster home does not have power going to it.

Deck inspection

The joists on this Birmingham deck are not hung correctly.

Kitchen appliance inspection

The left rear eye on this stove is inoperable.

Electric Service wire - Birmingham

The Electric Service wire to this Birmingham home is too low.

TPR leak - Alabaster home

The TPR (Temperature Pressure Relief) valve on this hot water heater is leaking.

Alabaster exterior inspection

The siding on this Alabaster home is rotted.

Pelham townhouse - broken thermal

The thermal seal is broken on the window in this Pelham townhouse.

Pelham gas logs

The Home Inspector lights gas logs to ensure they work.

Pelham floor inspection

The floor in this Pelham townhouse was not installed correctly.

Downspout - Hoover Condo

This downspout has become disconnected and is draining water next to the foundation of this Hoover Condominium.

Ducts need to be sealed on this HVAC

The HVAC on this Chelsea home needs to be sealed.

Pinson Stairwell needs rails

Rails should be added to this stairwell.

Pinson - Exterior Inspection

Rotted wood on this Pinson Alabama door frame.

Helena Home Inspection

The Temperature Pressure Relief (TPR) on this Helena Water Heater is leaking.

Pelham Condo inspection - Window

The thermal seal on the window is this Pelham Condo is broken, causing the windows to get hazy.

Hoover Condo Inspection

The Air Conditioner power supply box for this Hoover Condominium is laying on the ground.

Pinson Roof Inspeciton

The gutter of this Pinson home is full of debris

Birmaingham Home Inspection

This electrical service wire is too close to the deck on this Birmingham home.

Jemison Home Inspection

The Home Inspector found water in this Jemison crawlspace.

Water in crawlspace - Jemison, AL

Water in a crawlspace in Jemison.

Decayed Asphalt Driveway - Birmingh

This asphalt driveway has deteriorated and is near the end of it's useful life.

Leak in a crawlspace - Birmingham

The Home Inspector discovered a leak in the drain line of this Birmingham home while inspecting the crawlspace.

Debris in gutter - Birmingham

The gutter on this home in Birmingham needs to be cleaned.

Structural problem in Alabaster

The second floor on this Alabaster home slopes. This needs to be evaluated by a structural engineer.

Birmingham electrical issue

The wire in this Birmingham home is burnt where it connects to the breaker.

Alabaster - damage to tub

There is a crack in the tub of this Shelby County home.

Water damage

The window frame of this Alabaster home is rotted.

Gas logs - Alabaster

The gas logs in this Alabaster home work.

Erosion - deck post

There is erosion beneath the deck post of this Alabaster home.

Garage door frame

Rotten wood on this garage door frame.

Broken thermal seal - Chelsea

The thermal seal on this window is broken.

Cracked tiles

Cracked kitchen tiles in this McCalla home.

Ice in the gutter

The gutter on this McCalla home is not draining properly.

Leaking faucet - Chelsea

The faucet in this Chelsea home is leaking at the handle.

Dangerous stairs - Birmingham

These basement stairs need rails on both sides with ballisters.

Corroison on drain pipe

The drain pipe on this Birmingham home needs to be repaired.

A dangerous situation

A trip to the hospital waiting to happen.

Gutter problems

It doesn't take a home inspector to see the problem with gutter.

Birmingham foundation problems

This home in Birmingham is shifting and moving down the hill.

Leaking Water Heater

The water heater in this Chelsea home is leaking.

Foundation problems

The garage floor of this home dropped and left the walls hanging.

Inspecting the exterior.

The yellow wire doesn't belong outside.

The Home Inspector on the eaves.

Not what you want to see in your gutter.

I inspect crawlspaces.

Dangerous wire in a crawlspace.

The Home Inspector under a house.

Not how you support a waste line.

Electrical Inspection

Not what you want to see when you lift the cover.

Exterior Inspection

This really should be enclosed.

Home Inspector on the eaves.

This gutter is going to leak.

The Home Inspector uses meters.

A high moisture reading on a door frame.

Chilton County home

Water is washing away the ground beneath this home in Chilton County, Alabama.

Roof in Pelham, Alabama

This roof has been patched and means there has been a leak.

Inspection in Pelham, AL

Evidence of a roof leak.

Deck rail needs repair in Pelham, AL

This deck rail could fail at any time and needs to be repaired.

Roof Inspection Near Montevallo

Inspecting a roof.

Crawlspace Inspection - Montevallo

This crawlspace shows evidence of moisture.

Electrical Inspection - Pelham

Frayed insulation on electrical service wire.

The Home Inspector - Exterior

Settlement crack in the sidewalk on this home in Pelham, AL

Deck Inspection - Pelham, AL

This deck was not properly attached to the house and is pulling away.

Leaking Drain - Pelham Home

This drain line under the sink is leaking.

Missing Insulation in Attic

The Home Inspector found that some areas of the attic did not have enough insulation in this Pelham Alabama home.

Electrical Inspection in Pelham, AL

During an attic inspection The Home Inspector found these live electrical wires outside of a junction box.

Water Heater inspection - Pelham

The Home Inspector found that the TPR (Tempature Pressure Relief) pipe was too short.

Roof Inspection - Montevallo, AL

This roof in Montevallo is nearing the end of it's useful life.

Chimney inspection - Montevallo

This chimney liner is cracked and is a fire hazard.

An Electrical mess in Montevallo

Just 3 of the 6 electrical panels in this Montevallo home.

The Home Inspector inspects stoves

The burner element on this Calera Alabama home's stove is inoperative and will be reported.

Water damage

The downspout on this Calera home is dumping water next to the foundation. This led to cracks in the foundation, rotted wood and termites.

Garage Inspection - Calera home

This garage floor shows evidence of water entry.

Retaining wall in Homewood

Tree roots have damaged this retaining wall in the back yard of a Homewood Condominium.

Homewood Attic Inspection

The Home Inspector found this dangerous condition in the attic of a Homewood Condo. This is the exhaust vent for a Natural Gas heater.

Homewood Condominium

This Homewood condo has moss on the roof.

Attic in Homewood condo

This attic in a condominium does not have a firewall between units.

Gutter - Hoover, AL home.

Debris filled gutter.

Hoover, Alabama garage.

Active moisture stain in a garage in Hoover.

Birmingham condominum

Kitchen sink faucet leaks.

Electrical testing in Birmingham

Receptacle has no electrical current.

Birmingham condo

The thermal seal is broken in this window and spoils the view.

Electrical Panel - Birmingham condo

This Federal Pacific Electrical Panel is a known fire hazard and should be evaluated by an electrician.

Birmingham condominim

HVAC supply duct has come loose and needs to be repaired.

Inspection in Trussville, AL

Door and frame show moisture damage.

Under a deck in Trussville, AL

Bolt has corroded and is not securing the deck to the house.

Trussville Al home

The steps on this home are not level.

Clanton, AL Manufactured Home

In the crawlspace of a manufactured home in Chilton County, AL.

Birmingham Exterior Inspection

Uneven bricks in this sidewalk are a trip hazard.

Home in Birmingham, AL

Rotten wood on the eaves.

Birmingham, AL home inspection

This downspout is dumping water against the foundation of this house.

Birmingham Chimney Inspection

There is not rain cap on this chimney. Every time it rains water enters the chimney and fireplace.

Birmingham, AL house

Apparent smoke stains on the wall above this receptacle.

Birmingham Attic Inspection

Open splice in an attic should be in a junction. box.

Crawlspace inspection - Birmingham

Evidence of water in a crawlspace.

Birmingham Attic Inspection

Bathroom exhaust vents into the attic. It should vent outside.

Pinson Alabama house

A moisture meter indicates high moisture content in this door frame.

Pinson HVAC inspection

Air conditioning line is missing insulation.

Pinson Alabama Inspection

Trees in contact with the roof should be cut back.

Pelham, AL Condominium inspection

This receptacle has an improper ground.

Pelham Alabama Condo Inspection

Sink stopper is broken.

Pelham Attic Inspection

This HVAC duct is severely restricted. This will decrease the air flow to vents.

Pelham Condo Attic Inspection

This pot in the attic is evidence of a roof leak.

Hoover AL condominium inspection

This crack between the tiles will allow water intrusion behind the wall. This should be caulked.

Hoover AL attic inspection

Areas in this attic have very poor insulation coverage.

Hoover AL Condo inspection

The thermal seal on this window is broken. Evidence of this is foggy condition between the window panes.

Birmingham Home

Rotten wood at the base of this post.

Birmingham House

Kink in the gas supply line to a hot water heater.

Inspection of older home - Birmingha

Settlement cracks in the wall of this Birmingham home.

Birmingham inspection

Settlement crack above the door of this home.

Birmingham home

Deterioration of wood on the eaves of this older house.

Birmingham House

Electrical supply lines are in contact with a tree.

Birmingham home

Poor grading. The sidewalk slopes towards the house and will drain water into the basement.

Older house in Birmingham

Evidence of animal activity.

Birmingham Chimney inspection

This chimney and rain cap are very deteriorated and should should be evaluated by a mason.

Birmingham Roof Inspection

Trees in contact with the roof should be cut back.

Birmingham House Inspetion

Outdoor receptacle is missing the weather cover.

Birmingham Alabama House

Thermal seal is broken. Notice the water vapor on the between the panes of glass.

Birmingham House's Attic

Splice outside of a junction box in this attic.

Birmingham Homes crawlspace

Dryer vent is disconnected in the crawlspace.

Vestavia Hills Home

Wash under the driveway. This could lead to cracks or collapse.

House in Vestavia Hills, Alabama

Damage to the soffitt.

Vestavia Hills, AL

Poor grading drains water towards the houses foundation.

Vestavia Hills House

Water damage to the soffitt.

Roof Inspection - Vestavia Hills

Debris filled gutter.

Birmingham Roof Inspection

Trees in contact with hosue.

Chimney Inspection - Vestavia Hills

Moss growing in the mortar joints of a chimney. This will cause mortar to deteriorate.

Vestavia Hills Attic Inspection

Example of good insulation in the attic.

Vestavia Hills Crawlspace Inspection

Excessive moisture in this crawlspace is causing condensation on the HVAC vents.

Vestavia Hills crawlspace

Junction box in this crawlspace should have a cover on it.

Vestavia Hills Electric Panel

Two wires are connected to one breaker (fourth breaker from the bottom). This condition, known as a "double tap" is dangerous and should be evaluated and repaired by an electrician.

Birmingham AL 100 year old house

Damaged gutter.

Birmingham - 100 year old house

Efflorescence (minerals left behind by water) on this chimney indicates water is entering the chimney.

Birmingham Home

A/C unit is not level. It should be leveled for more efficient operation.

Roof inspection - Birmingham, AL

Multiple roof layers on this old house in Birmingham.

Birmingham Roof Inspection

Multiple types of roofing material on this roof.

Birmingham Chimney Inspection

Cracks in this chimney raincap.

Birmingham Home

Faucet is missing on this tub. When you turn on the water it shoots out of a pipe in the wall.

Birmingham House Inspection

Moisture stains - evidence of a roof leak.

Birmingham Attic Inspection

Open splice in the attic should be in a junction box.

Birmingham Alabama Home Inspection

This electric panel is rusty and missing screws

Pelham Alabama Chimney Inspection

Rotted wood on this chimney near the roof line.

Attic Inspection in Chilton County

Bathroom ventilation into attic. This hose should vent to the outside of the house.

Chilton County Exterior Inspection

Downspout should be extended away from the house.

Chilton County Alabama Inspection

High moisture content on this door frame.

Chilton County Alabama Home

This chimney in Chilton County appears to have been abandoned.

Columbiana Home Inspection

In the crawlspace The Home Inspector found rotten wood beneath the front of the house.

Columbiana Alabama Home Inspection

Evidence of moisture on this foundation wall.

Columbiana Home Inspection

Hot and Neutral wires are reversed on this receptacle.

Columbiana Home Inspection

Moisture damage on the ceiling of this Columbiana Alabama Home.

Near Pell City Alabama

These stairs need a handrail. This is a safety defect.

Near Pell City Alabama

That first steps a doozy. This is a safety defect.

Montevallo Alabama Roof

This tree needs to be cut back from the roof of this Montevallo home.

Montevallo Roof Inspection

Inspecting a roof in Montevallo. These trees need to be cut back.

Montevallo Deck Inspection

This deck in Montevallo is not level.

Montevallo Deck Inspection

This is not how you support a deck.

Montevallo Crawlspace

Evidence of moisture in this Montevallo Crawlspace.

Pelham Water Heater Inspection

The TPR pipe on this water heater is too short. It should extend to within 6 inches of the floor.

Pelham Electrical

The insulation on this electrical supply in Pelham is frayed and should be evaluated and repaired by an electrician.

Pelham Attic Insulation

The insulation on this sloped ceiling has slid off. There is now no insulation between the attic and the living space below.

Pelham Trip Hazard

The sidewalk on this Pelham home has settled and now presents a trip hazard.

Pelham Deck Inspection

This deck is not anchored correctly and is pulling away from the house.

Pelham Attic pull down ladder

This ladder has a broken bottom rung. This should be repaired.

Moisture in Jemison crawlspace

The Home Inspector discovered standing water in this Jemison crawlspace.

Hoover, AL active leak

The Home Inspector discovered this active leak in a Hoover Town House.

Hoover electrical issue

This burned receptacle in a Hoover home needs to be evaluated by an electrician.

Aluminum Wiring in Jefferson County

This aluminum wiring should be evaluated by an electrician.

Birmingham attic

The chimney in this Birmingham attic stops short of the roof. You wouldn't want to send smoke and sparks up this flue.

Retaining wall in Homewood, Alabama

This retaining wall is bowed and leaning.

Electric Panel

This is a lesson in why you should use screws made for a panel. It appears a sharp screw punctured the service wire, energizing the panel.

Shifting ground

Make sure you have a good foundation.