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What should a buyer expect during a home inspection?

You have a signed a contract and now it is time to get a home inspection. What does the home inspection encompass and what should a buyer expect in the home inspection process? Let's answer some common questions.

What information should I have available when I call for an inspection? You should have the address of the property, an email address where report and inspection agreement can be sent, and your realtor's name and number.

What geographical areas do you serve? I inspect in the following counties:

Shelby, Jefferson, Tuscaloosa, Walker, Blount, Bibb, St. Clair, and Autagua. On occasion I will drive further so call me and see.

Do I have to make arrangements for the inspector to get into the home? No, when you agree on a time and date for the inspection, let your agent know so that he or she can set up the inspection with the selling agent. As an inspector I have a electronic key on my phone that will allow me to enter into homes with SUPRA boxes. If the box is a combination box, I will contact the selling agent for the code.

Do I have to sign anything? Yes, the home inspector will send you an electronic copy of an Inspection Agreement that has to be signed before the inspection. The inspector cannot do the inspection without the agreement.

Do I have to be at the inspection? No, Many times the buyer is from out of town or cannot get off work and everything is done online.

Can I come to the inspection? Of course. My preference is that the buyer let us do the inspection without distractions, and then come at the end when we can explain everything we have found. But if you feel like you want to be at the inspection, then you are free to come.

How long will the inspection take? Most inspections take 2 to 4 man hours to perform. Variables that affect the length of an inspection are size of house, age of house, condition of the house and if it has a crawlspace or not.

What areas of the home do you inspect?

We begin our inspections outside where we inspect:

-driveway and sidewalks

-retaining walls

-exterior wall coverings

- doors and windows

- foundation

- retaining walls

- roof, flashing and gutters

- HVAC units

- water spigots

- electrical service and any electric panels located outside.

Moving inside we check:

- walls, floors, and ceilings.

- electric outlets that we can readily access are checked for proper wiring.

- lights.

- We open, close and check locks on interior doors.

- All windows that we can access are opened, closed and locked. We also check windows for broken glass and broken thermal seals (in double paned windows).

-In the kitchen, we check the dishwasher, garbage disposal, stove and oven. We also run water at the sink and check for water pressure and leaks.

-In the bathrooms, we check the toilet, bathtub, shower and sinks.

-We light gas fireplaces, if possible, and perform a visual inspection of the fireplace.

-Any electric panel or sub panel on the interior of the house that can be safely accessed has the front removed and the wiring is checked.

-The water heater is checked to see if hot water is flowing to plumbing fixtures. The water heater is also visually inspected.

-Plumbing pipes that are accessible are also inspected.

- The attic is entered, if possible and insulation, ventilation, electrical conditions, HVAC ducts, roof decking, water supply, etc are inspected.

- If the home has a crawlspace or a basement that can be safely entered, then the inspector will check it for foundation issues, possible mold issues, moisture intrusion, HVAC ducts, electrical, plumbing, floor joists, animal evidence, etc.

- Garage will be inspected including walls, ceiling, floors, electrical, lights, garage doors and automatic door openers.

Will I get a written report? Yes, The Home Inspector will provide a report to you thru email withing 24 hours.

What tools do you use? I have the following tools available for use:

Infrared Camera

Nikon Camera

Moisture Meters

Infrared Thermometer

Touchless Volt Meter

Electrical Outlet Tester

700 Lumen Flashlights

Cordless Screwdriver

Respirator (Mask)

Portable Computer

Combination A frame/Extension ladder


Home inspection tool used
A home inspector uses many tools to do his inspection,

How do I pay? The Home Inspector accepts cash, checks, money orders, Venmo, Cashapp, PayPal or credit cards.

How do I receive the report? The report will be sent by email within 24 hours.

Can my agent receive a copy of the report? With the buyers permission, The Home Inspector will send a copy to your agent.

Can I call you with questions once I receive the report? Yes, if you have questions I encourage you to call me at 205-482-8413.

What does an inspection cost? Most inspections cost between $300 and $400. Factors that affect the price of an inspection are size of house, age of house and presence of a crawlspace or unfinished basement. My price list.

Do you have any Google Reviews? Yes they can be looked at here.

How do I contact you to set up an inspection? Call or text me at 205-482-8413 or send me email me at You can also click on the Contact button at the top of the page to leave me a message.

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