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Does a new home need an inspection?

New homes are often not inspected. In some cases this is okay. In some cases not inspecting anew home is a big mistake. The problem is you don't know if the home needs inspecting until it has been inspected.

A new home may need an inspection
New Home Inspection

Common inspection problems with new homes.

  1. Dishwasher - Occasionally the dishwasher is not connected and cannot be tested. The dishwasher also may not be secured at the cabinet.

  2. Sinks - Sometimes when the sinks are tested they leak on the drain. This is a common issue.

  3. Attic - Once a home I inspected did not have any insulation. Typically attics have no issues.

  4. Roof - On homes that have low sloped roofs over a covered patio, there is often mechanical damage to the shingles where a ladder has been set up. Sometimes flashing is improperly installed.

  5. Windows - Cracked glass is sometimes observed on a new home. Sometimes windows will not open or close once opened.

  6. Grading - There is sometimes poor grading at the foundation of new homes.

  7. Crawlspace - Most new homes don't have crawlspaces. One new home I inspected had a crawlspace that did not have any ventilation. The crawlspace contained pools of water on the vapor barrier. There was biological growth on the floor joists.


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