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What Affects the Cost of a Home Inspection?

Items that affect the price of a home inspection,
A crawlspace adds to the price of a home inspection,

In general, the more difficult and time consuming an inspection will be, the more it will cost. But how does an inspector know before he gets to the house how difficult and time consuming the inspection will be. In short, the inspector does not know exactly. But he can have a good idea from the specifics of the home.

Size of the Home

The size of the home is the first thing I look at to determine price. In general, the larger the home, the longer the inspection will take. I have a base cost of an inspection for homes up to 2000 sq ft. The price rises by $50 for every 500 Sq ft. This because the larger the house the longer the inspection will take. The larger the house, the more likely there are more bathrooms, more windows and doors to test, more electrical outlets, more HVAC systems, more walls and ceiling, etc.

Age of the Home

The age of the home affects the difficulty of the inspection. Older homes have older HVAC< electrical, plumbing, siding, etc. All of this increases the difficulty and time of the inspection and the reporting. The older the home, the greater chance that repairs and/or improvements have been done improperly. Also the older the home, in general, the harder it is to gain access to the attic and/or the crawlspace, For homes 30 years or older, the price increases $50.

Crawlspace or Unfinished Basement

A crawlspace or unfinished basement requires a larger investment of time to do and inspection. The difficulty of the inspection is greatly increased by a crawlspace or basement. A crawlspace or unfinished basement increases the price by $75.


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